AFA Sweden celebrates 20 years of anti-fascist activities

The name was first used already in 1991, when activists decided to put an end to the nazi marches in commemoration of the death of Swedish monarch Charles XII on 30th November; however it was not until 1993 that the network saw its formal constitution.

We are many who during all these years have stood shoulder to shoulder in the fight against a capitalist society which we want to transform by revolutionary means into a state- and classless society. We have struggled together for a just and equal society using those methods we have considered necessary.
To celebrate our 20th anniversary we decided to carry out coordinated actions all across Sweden. We chose to act against targets related to the four pillars underlying our activities, namely resistance to capitalism, racism, homophobia and sexism.

We want to send warm greetings to all the comrades who have fought together with us as well as to those who have supported, cheered us on and provided us with solidarity during these last 20 years.

Antifascistisk Aktion Sverige

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Struggles in Sweden
Nov 7 2013 12:27


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Nov 9 2013 19:12

Congrats, I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Swedish AFA is there and introduction or time line of greatest actions?

Struggles in Sweden
Nov 10 2013 02:30

Reddebrek: There should be translated report of yearly activities around somewhere - but google fu is weak (nothing on for example). Sorry, will do some more digging.

In the mean time you might enjoy a terrible google translate summary of a tendentitious swedish wikipedia article on the network:

Nov 11 2013 21:34

There's a good article and interview in AFA Ireland's No Quarter magazine from 2011, 'The Antifascist Struggle in Sweden', which is available here.