Announcing our new affiliate: LibCom Venezuela

LibCom Venezuela started out as an automotive parts corporation, but in recent years has provided logistcal support for the Venezuelan opposition, making them an ideal partner for our critique of Chavismo, with a professional website and established twitter presence already in place. This partnership will be funded by the American Center for International Labor Solidarity. Happy April Fools Day, 2018

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Apr 1 2018 10:38


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Serge Forward
Apr 1 2018 12:37
Nearly got me there.
Apr 1 2018 14:20
Someone running that website is currently very confused about where all the sudden interest is coming from. smile
Apr 1 2018 14:51
Yeah, almost got me too.
Apr 1 2018 16:28
With a few more years of coddling fake revolutionaries, anything is possible. smile
Apr 1 2018 18:01
LOL nice one, folks.
Mike Harman
Apr 1 2018 20:58
If you're having a bad day, this twitter thread might just cheer you up.
Apr 1 2018 21:39
Mike Harman wrote:
If you're having a bad day, this twitter thread might just cheer you up.
This literally went better than even my wildest expectations! smile
Apr 1 2018 23:38
Wow. That's hilarious.
Apr 2 2018 07:23
For non-Twitter people, here are some of the reactions we got from Twitter tankies yesterday (there were more!): This one is probably my favourite though: smile
Apr 2 2018 16:59
That was amazing. TBH I thought people would just ignore it it was so silly. But Twitter Stalinists never fail to disappoint in the level of their utter stupidity
Apr 2 2018 17:16
"its an actual truck company they own" The libcom patreon must be going better than expected then!
Apr 4 2018 00:52
Happy April Fools Day, 2018