Farmers' protests in India: resources

1. A general explainer -

2. A video that discusses what has led us here and how this effort to corporatize agriculture is anti-farmer and anti- all working class in India -

3. How these Anti-Farmer Laws are not just anti-farmer but also anti all working people -

4. Explains the farm bills that are at the heart of these protests. These were passed in September 2020, without input from the opposition and forced through Indian parliament without allowing for the normal times to hear objections from the opposition... a common tactic by the BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi -

5. A Million Reasons to March -

6. Farmer Protest Developing As Mass Movement -

7. These Laws Will Make Us Poor -

These protests are being covered heavily via social media as many of India's domestic newsrooms are considered propagandists and so speak only for the BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here are a couple of Instagram accounts that have been covering the protests on the ground.

1. Akshay Kapoor -

2. Manish-aaaa -

3. Woman With Opinions -

4. Khalsa Aid -

Compiled by Amritpan Kaur.

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Dec 17 2020 17:18


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