Golden Dawn offices bombed

There were no casualties reported, but a huge hole was ripped through a wall, causing significant damage to both floors of the building. A police officer who declined to be named has said that: Quote:
“The attack was most likely carried out by a far-left group. It was a powerful blast that caused a lot of damage. It looks like terrorism”.
The police are in league with the Golden Dawn in Greece. Over 40% of police officers voted for them, and they regularly conduct joint operations to attack the immigrant population, and anyone who disagrees with their fascist politics.

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Dec 4 2012 18:12


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Dec 5 2012 10:07
I won't say this is a good thing... however I'll happily heavily imply it like so laugh out loud Mr. T grin
Dec 7 2012 21:21
How DARE anyone bomb the headquarters of a legal political party don't those rowdy antifascists know that you can't hug your pets with nuclear arms????? the fact that i am literally laughing and giving the thumbs up has nothing to do with this shameful act of shamefulness
Dec 8 2012 06:37
Quote of a conversation from a friend who went to Greece: "Yes, Golden Dawn are very dangerous." "Fuck! Why don't we go burn down their building?!" "We did. Six times!"