SAC: in solidarity with the Turkish general strike

To our comrades struggling in Istanbul. Teargas, batons and outrageous state repression being deployed against people protecting their park from being turned into yet another shopping centre. Attacks on makeshift medical centres treating wounded protesters. Water cannons showering everyone. The police is crackdown is violent and indiscriminate. Cuts, privatization and neoliberal reforms are other forms of violence affecting people, as in Turkish Istanbul as in Swedish Husby. State and capitalist violence must be met and challenged through organizing efforts; locally, regionally, and globally. From Istanbul to Husby. SAC - The Syndicalists voices its support for all people in struggle on the streets of Istanbul and Ankara, as well as for the KESK, DISK, TTB, TMMOB and TDHB, the unions behind the general strike called in protest against the savagery of the police. All power to the people! / The International Commitee of the Central Organisation of the Workers of Sweden

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Struggles in Sweden
Jun 18 2013 06:11


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Nov 13 2013 12:12
Without solidarity, no country have earned anything. We need to be with Turkey and understand the overall situation. I hope by this we can solve so many things.