The Yellow Vests’ protests cause traffic jams in west-London warehouses

“I'm going to explain how the recent protests in France have affected our warehouse. We were waiting for some conveyor belts parts that urgently needed shipping to the Virgin Islands. It seems that the local government on the British Virgin Islands ordered these conveyor belt parts from a Spanish company named Introle last September. The company I work for is specialised in organising shipments between the UK/EU and the Virgin Islands (it’s maybe the only logistics company in the UK in that logistics chain). We received an email from Introle to collect the conveyor belt parts at the factory in Spain. Our warehouse manager contacted Cargotrans, our transport partner in the EU. The problem is that Cargotrans uses the subcontractor TGN for the truck deliveries in Spain. Introle turned down the TGN truck, expecting a Cargotrans one. This is how the parts got delayed initially due to subcontracts and miscommunication. A few days later we received an email from Cargotrans stating that due to the protests in France the truck has had difficulties and was blocked in France. This meant that the parts missed the scheduled cargo flight from Heathrow.” These hiccups happen frequently, sometimes caused by strikes, sometimes by bad weather, sometimes by company bankruptcies. Only when things (or workers!) don’t work, we realise how we are all connected...

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Dec 3 2018 20:05


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Dec 6 2018 07:46
Short video of yellow vests supporting Amazon workers. The warehouse has been blockaded for two, three days. Workers (courier drivers) complain about having to work twelve, thirteen hours a day, six days a week in order to make ends meet. The yellow vests accuse Amazon as a multinational that they don’t pay tax in France and therefore don’t contribute to the wealth of the country...