Imperialism - further reading guide

A. Orthodox Imperialism
Imperialism – Lenin
Against the Current – Lenin/Zinoviev
Leon Trotsky:
On China
Results and Prospects/Permanent Revolution

Finance Capital - R. Hilferding
The Accumulation of Capital - R. Luxemburg
The Accumulation of Capital: An Anti-Critique - R. Luxemburg
Imperialism and the Accumulation of Capital - N. Bukharin
Imperialism and the World Economy - N. Bukharin
Labor and Monopoly Capital - H. Braverman
Late Capitalism - E. Mandel
Monopoly Capital - P. Baran/P. Sweezy
Marxism and the New Imperialism, SWP(GB)

B. Imperialism: Dependency and World-Systems Theory
C. Imperialism as Practice
Angus Maddison:
C. Imperialism as Practice
Oil and The Class Struggle - Joe Stork
A Fate Worse Than Debt - George
Bread and Guns - Harris
The End of the Third World - Harris
Peasants and Proletarians - Cohen
Imperialism and Underdevelopment - Rhodes, Ed.
Corporate Imperialism - Girvan
Pentagon Capitalism - Melman
Peasant Wars of the 20th Century - Wolf
Development, Crises and Alternative Visions - Sen/Grown
Western Capitalism since the War - Kidron
The New State of the World Atlas - M. Kidron
Industrialization and Development in the Third World - R. Chandra
Transnational Corporations - R. Jenkins
Killing Hope – Blum
Neocolonialism – Vakhrushev
An Introduction to Neo-Colonialism – Woddis
The Meaning of the Second World War - Ernest Mandel

D. Global Capital Vs. Global Labor: Critique of Theories of Imperialism
*'Decadence': The Theory of Decline or The Decline of Theory?, 3 parts - Aufheben Web Site
Empire – Negri
The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism – F. Perlman