Using e-book readers or kindles with

E-readers or kindles can be a great way of reading, especially long texts, off-line.

Some of our articles are already in e-book formats suitable for e-readers. Check out our PDFs, epub and mobi file archives.

It is easy to put articles and texts from onto your e-book reader, by following these 3 simple steps.

1a. Simply copy the text in your internet browser (such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) from the article title to the end, and paste it into a blank document in a word processor program, such as Microsoft Word.

1b. For PDF files go straight to step 2.

2. Save the document to your computer.

3. Upload the document to a free e-book reader conversion website, like (or put it into a free conversion program like Calibre) and choose the kind of e-book file you want to turn it into (such as .epub or .mobi for kindles).