Crossing Borders – 4th Issue, November 2007

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Nov 28 2007 11:35
Crossing Borders – 4th Issue, November 2007

The new issue of “Crossing Borders”, our transnational newsletter on “Movements and Struggles of Migration”, is out now again in 9 languages (see [url=Enter URL here][/url]), and we ask all of you to support this project through wider distribution.

One year ago “Crossing Borders” appeared for the first time as an attempt to foster transnational communication: in reference to the migration-related networking process in general, but connected to practical struggles and initiatives in particular. The first issue was published for the transnational action day on October 7th 2006, then we used the opportunity of the World Social Forum in Nairobi in January 2007 for a second, and May First for the third issue. Our earlier reports mainly covered conflicts in Western Europe, in Africa and the USA. The new 4th issue includes many impressions from the Ukraine, with a main reference to the Noborder Camp in Transcarpatia last August, but as exemplary for the whole of Eastern European realities. And the next edition will focus on “Women on the Move” and is projected to appear before 26th of January 2008, the decentralized global action day announced by the World Social Forum process.

The aim of "Crossing Borders" is to consolidate and to extend the migration related networking process in, around and beyond Europe. We do not ignore the differences in realities and struggles in various regions, countries or continents. But we are convinced in the necessity to bridge and communicate these differences – crossing these borders too! We are committed to a process of "becoming common", not only by exchanging information and experiences, but much more by fighting against the same global apartheid- and migration regime! And by struggling for the common demands of freedom of movement and the right to stay in the context of a general fight for global social rights!

Thus ''Crossing Borders“ is focused on the movements and struggles of migration, but taking into account their multiplicity and looking for links to other social struggles. In each issue we will present manifold protests and campaigns, social and political struggles from different local situations.

That’s one reason, why we ask all of you to contribute to this project and to provide - at least in a few sentences – your experiences. But wider participation is crucial for this newsletter on more levels. We follow a multilingual approach and so we need continuous help in translations! It is an Internet based project, but most important in our concept are decentralised printouts, copied and distributed in the various migrants-localities and communities.

"Crossing Borders" is an initiative of the Frassanito-network and we plan to produce regularly issues at least every three or four months. But it depends also to your feedback and participation! So all of you are invited to support this newsletter, by contributions and distributions.

Contact us:
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