London ACG Public Meeting on Sunday February 17th

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Feb 2 2019 19:59
London ACG Public Meeting on Sunday February 17th

Free movement of solidarity!
With all the furore over Brexit, it is becoming increasingly obvious that all politicians care about is that we keep consuming-whether it be in or out of the EU. No one seems interested in opening up borders to refugees, fighting climate change or ensuring that workers all over the world are free from exploitation. What matters is ‘free trade’. This is what capitalism is all about- getting us to work, often in horrendous conditions, so that products can continue to be produced, shipped around the world, and consumed. And the less we look at what goes into these products, the better. As long as we keep working and consuming, all will be well- at least for capital! Of course we need to consume to live, but what is produced, by whom and how, should be decided by workers and communities.
The London Anarchist Communist Group invites you to participate in a workshop organised by the London Mining Network. Take a critical look at where are most cherished products come from and consider how we can promote free movement of international solidarity.
Sunday February 17th from 2pm at May Day Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London