*brutal eviction for anti-nuke people in osaka, japnese islands.

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Sep 7 2012 19:39
*brutal eviction for anti-nuke people in osaka, japnese islands.

*brutal eviction for anti-nuke people on 30 aug 2012.

Comrades and Affinities;

Fascist mayor of osaka city & fascist governor of osaka prefecture with selfish capitalist bastards will try to bring earthquake/tsunami trashes included radioactives & poisonous chemicals from iwate-prefecture to osaka. However, in disaster areas of touhoku-earthquakes/tsunami, people try to collect the earthquake-trashes for "woods of lives" beside the sea areas.
As everyone know well, for capitalists, trashes mean big moneys. So, capitalists and osaka city/prefecture government decide to bring the trashes from over 1000km eastern areas, also try to burn/bury the trashes at an island placed on osaka gulf. Also they try to spread the poisonous chemicals/radioactives for people living around osaka gulf. This is just C-terror by fascist osaka city/prefecture government and capitalist bastards! Ja, stop the C-terror for the people living around osaka gulf!
On evening of 30 aug 2012, they set their selfish explaination meeting about treating earthquake trashes for only people living in osaka city at nakanoshima public hall placed near the osaka city hall. Then, they selfishly closed their selfish "explaination meeting", especially fascist mayor hashimoto rejected all questions/objections and selfishly spoke & ran away from the hall. After their selfish meeting, angry-people stormed into nakanoshima public hall, then, all of them strongly demanded fascist city mayor of hashimoto to give up their selfish politics.
About 22:15 of 30 aug 2012, most of protesters got the hall out, so, in the hall, just 9 protesters tried to sit in. Most of them demanded city authorities to hold real explaination meeting for everyone hoping to protest against the selfish politics again.
About 23:20 of same day, city officers and gestapos with riot polizeis tried to carry their selfish violence out on 9 protesters & other protesters protesting in front of the hall. Some people were injured by their selfish brutal eviction on that day.
This is famous japanese democrac\ & hospitalit\ by politiKKK$.

 Saluton from osaka. Gradually, morning times get milder and milder than 1 week ago...and cicadas went out...
By the way, on afternoon of 30 aug 2012, in front of osaka city hall, "anti-trashes of touhoku-earthquake" action against the osaka city authorities was held. A lot of anti-nukes/anti-earthquake trashes people living in osaka/other areas of japnese islands came and protested against the fascist ruled o$aKKKa city authorities and the slavish subjects of fascist city mayor named hashimoto=city officers.
15:00-- in front of osaka city hall, anti-nuke protesters try to protest against the osaka city authorities.
18:00-- in nakanoshima-koukai-dou(nakanoshima public hall placed at an eastern side of osaka city hall.), osaka city authorities was held their selfish explaination meeting for receiving/treating the trashes of earthquake and tsunami(included poisonous chemicals, radioactives, cesiums, asbestos and heavy metals...etc) from iwate-pref.(most of the people were purged by osaka silly authorities.) Slavish city officers(treating trashes bureau) and some of prefecture officers(treating trashes bureau) with gestapos/riot polizeis tried to guard the fuckin' selfish meeting and fascist city mayor hashimoto and fascist osaka prefectural governor matsui. They will try to burn/bury the trashes of earthquake from iwate-pref at new islands of osaka gulf. From iwate-pref to osaka, it's over 1000 km long. At maishima island placed in osaka gulf, they will bury the eathquake trashes and will burn the earthquake trashes! Beside this gulf, over 6000,000 people are living. However, they tried to purge other 4000,000 over people, and carried their selfish explaination meeting for their selfish politiKKKal decision. Further, all the people joining this meeting had to get their selfish security checKKK(baggage check) by slavish city officers.
Then, almost half of the seats at the hall were empty like their selfish politiKKK$!!(this hall has over 1000 seats.)
You can see selfish bastards' monkey-plays & brutal forced eviction from nakanoshima-public hall(23:20 of 30 aug 2012) by osaka city government: search"shinsai gareki, osaka, 30th august" at search engines. (Sorry, i have no links' infos at all.)
If you will be able to do something against osaka city authorities, visit their branches or send your protest words to them.

Anyway, struggle NOT PRAYING! In struggle against the bastards and poverty. Thanx. (a disposable daylabor)