Creating audio editions of submissions

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Mar 13 2017 16:41
Creating audio editions of submissions
I am working with the IWW's Literature Department. I am inquiring about creating audio editions of some of our literature. Is there someone who knows how to do this? How do I get started on this?
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Mar 13 2017 17:00
Well, I'm no expert but I think the easiest way to host it would probably be soundcloud or something similar. For audio recordings, the most difficult thing is always going to be the prohibitive cost of bandwidth, if you want to host it yourself, so using some commercial third-party service would probably be the easiest option
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Mar 13 2017 17:48
I would suggest getting a decent USB microphone and a copy of Audacity although you could use any number of types of microphone and recording software. Then just get someone to sit at a computer in a quiet (ideally sound proof) environment and start reading the literature. Once you've got a recording done you will probably need to edit it using Audacity or other types of software (I've used Adobe Audition for making radio broadcasts before). Then when you've got a finished file upload it to something like Soundcloud. I've seen fash using for hosting as that's less likely to remove stuff.
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jef costello
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Mar 13 2017 17:56
librivox does this with out of copyright books, that might be a model worth looking at.
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Mar 13 2017 23:00
Audacity software then click record on the software then read aloud. Your laptop probably has a very basic microphone built in.