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Jun 7 2015 19:44
Error with the site
I noticed an error, when trying to load older pages of either forums or tags. For example, if I load the Mario Tronti tag and then try to load the second page of results by clicking either the 'Next' or '2' links, it fails to load the correct page, instead showing the main link on the front page of the website (in this case, the Blockupy article by Ed). The same thing happens when trying to load older pages in the forums.
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Jun 7 2015 20:08
Yes, this has happened to me too. Using Chrome.
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Joseph Kay
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Jun 7 2015 20:22
A workaround is to right-click on page 2 (or whatever), copy link, and paste into the address bar. This is a really annoying bug.
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Jun 7 2015 22:32
Yeah, so as Joseph says this is an annoying bug which is intermittent and we don't seem to be able to fix. Hopefully it should be rectified when we upgrade to Drupal 8 but that's probably a few months off
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Jun 8 2015 16:07
I add " ?page=1 " after the url for the second page and so forth