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Dec 30 2015 02:42
news of opposition feed
can i suggest you make a duplicate feed of the "news of opposition" from the excellent website Dialectical Delinquents? It is a constant update of news of international class struggle. I think it would be great for the front page...
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Jan 30 2016 11:00
vincent, Past 'bad blood' between libcom admins and the promoter of the d-d website suggests this is perhaps unlikely to be a runner and it appears another link to the site was removed on a recent post here (edit - seems this might have been a technical error rather than deliberate admin censor now), this despite similar links to the d-d news feed and other specific linked texts on that site having been made by me and others without any intervention by any libcom admins. Hopefully there will be no more blood spilt and posters linking relevant material on the d-d site here will continue.