regroupment initiative

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Apr 19 2016 09:13
regroupment initiative
currently many libcoms of the world are fairly isolated, unsure of weather any libcommers live near them and with no easy way of finding out, if libcom had a 'meet up' section, people could look on the world map and see who lived near them, the profiles could describe "address ( not real address but a house/business address near their own address to maintain privacy) - libcom user name - email - political persuasion (anarcho-syndicalist/situatutionist etc.) - capacity/desire for which activity (solidarity network/IWA/IWW/reading group/meet for a coffee/whatever etc.) here is a similar website already , but one connected to libcom would be much better, if you are interested I don't mind helping out configuring it (if i'm able to, I cant code)
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Apr 19 2016 22:06
Well, we did build that sort of thing into the site a while ago, but we've never really used it. For example: