Benevento insurrection attempt, 1877

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Dec 3 2010 20:13
Benevento insurrection attempt, 1877

Does anyone know anything about it? There doesn't seem to be much online other than mentions in a couple of articles.

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Dec 4 2010 12:22

probably in Eric Hobsbawm's studies about "primitive rebels" and "bandits" which in part deal with Italian popular uprisings after the Risorgimento

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Kate Sharpley
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Dec 5 2010 17:31

The Matese Gang : the insurgent guerrilla's 'propaganda of the deed' in 19th century Italy
R. Brosio

"The history of Italian Anarchism in the second half of the nineteenth century, which was its formative period as an organised movement of men and ideas, is also the history of a whole series of attempted insurrections (Or ‘conspiracies’ as they were called). These were exploited by the government to justify the usual picture of the anarchist as a bandit and villain, but at the same time they contributed considerably through their popular fame to the understanding and spreading of libertarian ideas." ...

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Dec 15 2010 16:41

Best source I've seen is the relevant chapter in Nunzio Pernicone's book. (

Despite being doomed from the outset (thanks to an informer) there was actually more planning in this than the common cursory accounts allow. Certainly more chance of success than Che's Bolivian campaign. Also, to put it into context, the previous attempted insurrection in Napoli in 1874, while a failure as an insurrection, was a roaring success in terms of spreading the anarchist idea. In the trial from that episode, the jury had not only acquitted all the young insurrectionaries, but joined with the crowd in the court in carrying the defendants on their shoulders down the main street in triumph. (they don't make juries like they usta sad ). Plus the other factor was that the anarchists were concerned that the republicans, the then main keepers of the insurrectionary flame, would engineer a rising first.