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Communist Left and Ultra-left resource list

Everything in English, unless otherwise stated.

• Archival sources/places to find key texts:
- Marxist Internet Archive, communist left archive -
- Quaderni Internazionalisti archives -
- John Gray -
- Sinistra (online archives of the communist left) -
- Archives Autonomies (mostly French, but very extensive) -
- Anton Pannekoek Archives -
- Collectif Smolny (French only, complete collection of 'Bilan') -
- redtexts -
- libcom, left communism -
- libcom, council communism -
- Situationists -,,,
- Autonomism (and its predecessors) -,
- libcom, communisation -

• Communist Left:
1. The main group before 1982, the International Communist Party [the party of Bordiga (until his death in 1970) which was founded after a split, in 1952, from the party of Onorato Damen (the Internationalist Communist Party, 1943-)]. In 1982 it disintegrates. Its splits:
- 1964: Rivoluzione Comunista -
- 1966: Jacques Camatte (1968: publication of 'Invariance' begins - complete collection here:
- 1972: Parti de Classe (group who broke from 'Invariance')
- 1974: ICP (Il Partido Comunista) -
- 1975: Groupe Communiste Mondial (World Communist Group) formed from 'Parti de Classe', with a new magazine 'The Programme of the Communist Society'. In 1987, the GCM splits, the first GCM dissolves in 1992. In 1989, the other GCM (based in Marseille) publishes 'The Programme of the Communist Revolution' -
- 1976: 'Communisme or Civilisation' breaks with GCM. From 1988, CoC works with 'Revue Internationale du Mouvement Communiste' (International Journal of the Communist Movement), a joint publication of the communist movement to pool abilities/resources along with such groups as 'Kamunist Kranti'. In December 1998, the 'Revue' is supended, and the majority of CoC form 'Robin Goodfellow' -
- 1981 (renamed in 2000): Quaderni Internazionalisti/'n+1' -,
- 1984(?): ICP (Il Programma Comunista) -,
- ICP (Il Comunista) -
- ICP (Il Bolletino) -
- ICP (Sul Filo Rosso del Tempo) -

2. The main group since 1982 (International Communist Current), and its splits:
- established, 1975: International Communist Current -, (Spanish-language FB page)
- 1979: Internationalist Communist Group (GCI-ICG) (HQ in Belgium) -,,
- 1985: Internationalist Perspective (Montreal) -
- after 1996: Cercle de Paris -
- expelled in 2003: Internal Fraction of the ICC (IFICC, Paris), renamed as 'Fraction of the International Communist Left' ( and subsequently merged with Internationalist Communists—Klasbatalo (formerly the Internationalist Communists Montreal, to form the 'International Group of the Communist Left' (IGCL, in October 2013 -
- 2015: Pale Blue Jadal (Turkey) -

3. The second largest group since 1982 (Internationalist Communist Tendency), and its splits:
- 2009: Internationalist Communist Tendency (ICT, founded as IBRP in 1983, name-change to ICT 2009; its main organisations are the Internationalist Communist Party (1943-) and the Communist Workers' Organisation (UK, 1970s) -, (FB page of the British section, the Communist Workers' Organsation)
- 2009: Istituto Onorato Damen -,

• Ultra-Left Groups/Journals:
- founded 2009, first published Nov. 2011: SIC (International - founded by Théorie Communiste, Endnotes, Blaumachen, riff-raff; TC left the project in August 2013) -
- 2001: riff-raff (Sweden, started in 2001 as the theoretical organ of the former organisation 'Folkmakt', changed their perspective around issue 3-4, away from councilism, closer to 'Kämpa tillsammans!', a range of interesting texts) -
- founded 2005, first published October 2008: Endnotes (UK/US, in particular, check-out issues 1 and 2)
- 1977: Théorie Communiste (pioneers of communisation; first published in 1977, before that, members of TC were associated with councilist groups, including, among others, the journals 'Cahiers du Communisme de Conseils', based in Marseilles, and 'Intervention Communiste) -, English stuff:
- 2006(?): Blaumachen (Greece, defunct, best known for 'era of riots' texts) -,
- Troploin (Gilles Dauvé, ultra-left veteran - associated with 'Pouvoir Ouvrier' (1965-1967), 'La Vieille Taupe' (1965-73), 'Le Mouvement Communiste' (1972-74), 'La Guerre Sociale' (1977-80), 'La Banquise' (1983-86) -
- April 1990: TPTG (Τα παιδιά της γαλαρίας/Ta paidia tis galarias) (Greece) -,
- 1992: Aufheben (UK) -,
- 1988: Mouvement Communiste (Belgium, France) -
- Hic Salta (Bruno Astarian) -
- first published Jun 1st 2007: Kosmoprolet (Germany, journal of 'Friends of the Classless Society', well-known for their '28 theses') -,
- 2016: Chuang (focus on China) -,
- 1984: Wildcat (Germany) -
- first published in 2012: 'From 2008-2012' (Greece) -
- 2011(?): Assembly for the Circulation of Struggles (SKYA) (Greece) -
- first published January 2012: Il Lato Cattivo (Italy, texts in Italian) -,
- Přátelé Komunizace (Czech Republic, in Czech) -,
- Antithesi (Greece, Greek only) -

• More:
- Kamunist Kranti (India) -,,
- Communisation FB page -
- Communist Research Cluster -,
- Controverses -
- The Free Communist (UK) -
- Ritual Magazine (UK/US?) -,
- Communist League of Tampa (USA) -,
- Internationalist Voice -
- Kämpa tillsammans! (Sweden) -
- Editions Senonevero (French publisher) -
- Douter de tout… (France, French only) -
- Des Nouvelles Du Front (France, French only) -

• Histories:
- 'Left Wing Communism: an infantile disorder?' website (Philippe Bourrinet) -

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Anarchist Journals

ACME. Online international journal for analysis of the social, the spatial and the politics, providing a forum for the discussion of critical and radical work from a variety of perspectives, including anarchist, available at
Affinities: A Journal of Radical Theory, Culture and Action. The online journal linked to the affinity project publishes a range of material, including peer-reviewed papers. It focuses on examining alternatives to neo-liberal capitalism and exploring alternative, sustainable, non-hierarchical ways of living. Available at
Alternative Libertaire. French-language monthly, linked to the international anarchist federation, available at
Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed. US-based magazine co-founded by Fredy Perlman, available at
Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies. An international, peer-review open-access journal, which describes itself as postanarchist, but which has a broader scope than this implies. The journal has an interdisciplinary focus and publishes material from diverse methodological traditions. Available at
Anarchist Studies. An international peer-review journal publishing work from across the political spectrum, in a wide range of disciplinary fields, available at
Anarcho-Syndicalist Review. Magazine for non-sectarian, internationalist discussion of anarcho-syndicalist theory and practice. Sam Dolgoff was a founding co-editor. Site at is currently being reconstructed.
Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography. An international journal for academics, students, activists and policymakers involved or interested in social, economic and environmental change and in using geographical knowledge in support of left-dissenting traditions. The site provides online access to articles and features a substantial body of work on anarchism at
Arena. Successor to the Cienfuegos Press Anarchist Review, Arena provides a forum for debate and discussion of libertarian culture, arts and politics. Issue 1 (May 2009) was devoted to anarchist cinema and issue 2 (June 2010) to anarchists in fiction. Published by ChristieBooks. Available at
Aufheben. UK-based autonomist, libertarian communist journal, founded in 1992, available at
Black Flag. UK-based magazine, relaunched in 2007, available at Archived material (to 2000) is available at
Broken Pencil. Print and web-based review magazine, founded in Toronto in 1995, and dedicated to underground culture and independent arts: zines, books, websites, videos and artworks. Reprints articles from the alternative press. Available at
Ceasefire. Independent online magazine for news and radical discussion of politics, art and activism, available at
Commune. Communist, internationalist – for workers’ self-management and communism from below, available at
Defenestrator. Philadelphia-based online journal at The site has links to local organizing and the Lancaster Avenue Autonomous Space (LAVA) in Philadelphia. Available at
Direct Action. Magazine of the Solidarity Federation (SolFed), the British section of the International Workers’ Association (IWA), available at
Divergences. Libertarian review publishing in French, German, English and Spanish, available at
Drunken Boat. An occasional anthology of arts and literature published in magazine and journal formats, edited by Max Blechman. Volume 2, Art Rebellion Anarchy, is published by Autonomedia/Left Bank Books (1994). The collection Revolutionary Romanticism: A Drunken Boat Anthology is published by City Lights (1999).
Dysopia. Green anarchist imprint for pamphlets and zines, available at
Endnotes. Irregular communist theoretical journal, established in 2005 by former members of Aufheben, available at
Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization. An independent, peer-review journal specializing in conceptual and theoretical questions of organization and in organizational processes or life. Ephemera also run conferences, details are on the site. Available at
Fifth Estate. Anti-authoritarian American-based magazine, publishing since 1965, available at Records from 1967 to 2003 are archived in the Labadie collection, University of Michigan.
Green Anarchy. Anti-civilization, eco-anarchist resistance, available at (Issues of Green Anarchy from 2000 to 2009 are available to download from the zine library or the wayback machine.)
Here: Notes from the Present. Italian/English-language realistic-utopian review and diary of events, for individual reflection, observation and testimony on everyday politics and events, available at
i-studies journal. Stirnerite journal. The site also provides access to copies of Dora Marsden’s Freewoman , New Freewoman and The Egoist. Available at
Interface: A Journal for and about Social Movements. Designed for activists, researchers and academics as an inclusive, multilingual space for exchange and mutual learning. Interface has pioneered the publication of material in a number of different formats. Available at
International Journal of Inclusive Democracy. A peer-reviewed international journal exploring inclusive democracy – a transformative project drawing on democratic and socialist traditions linked to an activist network. Formerly Democracy and Nature, the journal publishes work by authors writing from different perspectives, including anarchist. Available at
International Review of Social History. An international peer-reviewed academic journal, which has a long-established reputation for research excellence. The journal specializes in social and labour history and has published a wide body of research on anarchism. The journal is run by the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam. Available at
Jalan Journal of Asian Liberation. Available at
Le Monde Libertaire. Weekly French-language paper of the Fédération Anarchiste, available at
Libertaria. Online Italian-language journal with links to a range of material on Italian anarchism and international organizations, available at
May Day. Anarchist/libertarian magazine for discussion of ideas with an organizational focus/interest in praxis. The current site,, is being wound down. The new address is
Not Bored. Autonomous, situ-inspired, irregularly published journal, available at
Notes from the Borderland. Left /green anti-fascist magazine, publishing since 1997, with a particular interest in security/secret state, available at
Organise! Magazine of the UK Anarchist Federation, available at
Πανοπτικόν (Panoptikon). Greek-language theoretical/academic journal. Last issue October 2010. Available at
People of Colour Organize! Online journal and web resource for revolutionary left thinking about race, national oppression and self-determination, available at
Perspectives on Anarchist Theory. An online journal run by the Institute for Anarchist Studies publishing work by writers and translators supported by the IAS, anarchist views of contemporary events, book reviews and information about IAS events. Available at
Przeglad Anarchistyczny (The Anarchist Review). Published twice a year to provide a forum for debate of radical movements in Poland and beyond, with a focus on self-organizing and action, available at
Psychic Swamp. New from 2011, a quarterly review of surre(gion)alism, by Hieronymous Fisch, aka John Clark, available at
RAG. Magazine of the Revolutionary Anarcha-feminist Group (RAG) collective produce in Dublin. Available at
Rebel Worker. Paper of the Sydney-based anarcho-syndicalist network. The site includes copies of archived editions. Available at
Réfractions. French-language print journal of anarchist research and discussion. Some online materials also in Italian and Spanish. Available at
Revista Anarchica. Italian-language online journal, now also publishing in English, available at Papers in English from the journal and Libertaria looking at Italy and the cold war, 1969–2010, are available at
Rolling Thunder: An Anarchist Journal of Dangerous Living. Biannual magazine published by CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective. Available at
Διαδρομή Ελευθερίας (Route of Freedom). Greek-language online journal, available at
SchNEWS A free weekly direct action news-sheet produced in Brighton, UK. The site also has links, information about events and guides. Available at
Shift Magazine. Four issues a year, run from Manchester, UK – academic/activist discussing ideas, tactics and strategies. The site has useful links to other magazines. Available at http://shift
Social Anarchism: A Journal of Theory and Practice. An international peer-reviewed academic journal which publishes on anarchist history, politics, practice, labour and social issues and also includes original poetry, available at
Socialist Register. Non-sectarian Marxist/new left journal, available at
Slingshot. A quarterly, independent, radical newspaper published by the Slingshot Collective since 1988. The site includes back copies and details of the annual organizer. Available at
Stir Magazine. Designed to move beyond critique to encourage radical community action (Stirtoaction), Available at
Theory in Action. The journal of the Transformative Studies Institute is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal designed to promote dialogue about research into social justice and the interrelationships of theory and practice, available at
Tolstoy Studies Journal. Peer-reviewed academic journal, focussing on literature, but welcomes contributions relevant to any aspect of Tolstoy scholarship, available at
Turbulence Magazine. Run by an international collective to think about and discuss the political, social, economic and cultural theories of direct action movements, as well as the networks of diverse practices and alternatives that surround them, available at
Umanità Nova. Italian-language weekly, linked to the Federazione Anarchica Italiana (FAI), available at
Upping the Anti. Leftist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist journal of theory and action published in Canada, available at
Variant. Free independent arts magazine, covering social, political and cultural issues, available at
Voices of Resistance from Occupied London. Twice-yearly journal of theory and action against authority and power: international, not London-centric but with a focus on urban issues/culture/politics/life. Online at

Defunct Journals

Aphoria. Anti-state communist and anarchist journal, galvanized by the Iraq War and post-9/11 politics, available at
Black Mask/Up Against the Wall Motherfucker. Produced in New York by Ben Morea and Ron Hahne. The ten issues of Black Mask (1966–67) and other material produced by the group have been published by PM Press: Black Mask & Up Against the Wall Motherfucker: The Incomplete Works of Ron Hahne, Ben Morea, and the Black Mask Group, 2011.
Blast (1916–17). Edited by Alexander Berkman. Now available in book form, published by AK Press, 2004.
Do or Die: Voices from Ecological Resistance (1992–2003). Archive of the occasional journal (1–10) are accessible at
Freie Arbeiter Stimme (1890–1977). New York Yiddish anarchist paper, established as the counterpart to Rudolf Rocker’s London paper Arbeter Fraynd. Copies available at the Tamiment Library.
Killing King Abacus. Insurrectionary anarchist, available at Issues of Wilful Disobedience are on the Venomous Butterfly Page on the KKA website,
Les Temps Nouveaux (1895–1914). Influential anarcho-communist journal edited, in Paris, by Jean Grave. Scan copies are available (1895–97) through Worldcat.
Liberty – A Journal of Anarchist Communism (1894). Founded by James Tochatti and Louisa Bevington in London, online at
Man! (1933–1940). A collection of articles, MAN! An Anthology of Ideas, Essays, Poetry and Commentaries, ed. Marcus Graham, was published by Cienfuegos Press in 1974.
Mother Earth (1906–1918). Edited by Emma Goldman, an anthology (ed. Peter Glassgold) is published under the title of Anarchy! (New York: Counterpoint, 2000).
NOW (1940–47). Radical literary journal edited by George Woodcock.
Our Generation (1961–94). Originally Our Generation Against Nuclear War. A selection of articles appear in the book, Our Generation Against Nuclear War, ed. Dimitros Roussopoulos (Montreal: Black Rose Books, 1984). Back copies and some online copies are available on the Black Rose website at
Publications of Freedom Press (1928–1976). Journals reproduced on 16 reels of microfilm, including Anarchy (1961–70); Freedom (1951–76); Spain and the World (1936–38); War Commentary (1939 to August 1945). Held at the British Library. Available at (item 7). A selection of articles from Anarchy was published in A Decade of Anarchy (1961–1970) ed. Colin Ward (London: Freedom Press, 1987); and from Freedom (1965–1986) in The State is Your Enemy (London: Freedom Press, 1991).
Raven (1987–2003). A quarterly published by Freedom Press, London. As well as publishing original material by Vernon Richards, Colin Ward, Heiner Becker and Nicholas Walter, it also published translations of historical work, recorded local history through the eyes of East End activists and artwork by Clifford Harper.
Rebel Worker (1965–66). Paper of the Franklin and Penelope Rosemont’s Chicago Surrealist Group. See Franklin Rosemont and Charles Radcliffe (eds), Dancin’ in the Streets! Anarchists, IWWs, Surrealists, Situationists & Provos in the 1960s – As Recorded in the Pages of The Rebel Worker and Heatwave (Sixties Series) (Chicago: Charles H. Kerr, 2005). On Heatwave, see history at
Retort: An Anarchist Review (1942–51). Edited, hand set and hand printed in Bearsville, New York, by Holley Cantine and Dachine Rainer, for discussion of social philosophy and the arts. The Match! Historic Reprint Series – Retort 1942–51 Special Anthology Issue (Tucson, AZ: Woodworth) was published in 1987.
Thr@ll. Launched in 1998, by an anarchist collective in Wellington and Christchurch, Aotearoa/New Zealand. Issues from 2000 to 2002 are available online at
Der Zieglebrenner (1917–21). Edited by Ret Marut (B. Traven) in Munich and published illegally after 1919. A facsimile of the complete run was published by Edition Leipzig in 1967.