Eduardo Pons Prades 1920-2007

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Jun 6 2007 15:15
Eduardo Pons Prades 1920-2007

From the cnt website comes the sad news that Eduardo Pons Prades has passed away in Hospital de Sant Pau de Barcelona.
Educated in the Rationalist School founded by Francisco Ferrer,
Eduardo took part in the work of the cnt's economic council, fought in the republican Peoples Army on many fronts and was wounded in the battle for Barcelona in 1938.
He continued to fight against fascism in the French underground as captain of a combined century of French and Spanish guerrillas.

Since the war he worked as a writer. He wrote scripts for short films in France and Spain, contributed to many Spanish historical and cultural magazines and wrote or edited several books on the history of the Spanish Revolution and Civil War. He was a frequent speaker in anarchist Ateneos and an active member of the Association of Spanish Guerillas.