History of the state and capitalism

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Jan 21 2018 11:25
History of the state and capitalism

I'm looking for an introduction of the development of the state and capitalism.
I read the essay of Marx (Holzdiebstahlgesetzt) and Marx points out that in
his period "unwritten law" gets codefied into actual law, but in a way that it
helps capitalism to develop. Further I read that the laws were made to suit
the ideology of capitalism. That every goes after his/her self interest and
therefore individual rights had to be developed and a "social contract" was
created. I think it was in the period after the French revolution and the of
absolutism. The process must have in a way that a certain kind of state-model
was put on top of the capitalist order to ensure it's survivel. Also the
development of the police would be interesting in this context.

So any books or literature on these topics? I read a few things here on libcom
or Kropotkin and Engels. But they don't go deep into the details. It's more like
"it's creation is the result of an irreconcilable class-antagonism", that's too

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Jan 21 2018 11:28

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Words are missong: "the end of absolutism"

"everyone goes after his/her self interest"

"the process must have been"

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