Legacy of Millbank and 2010?

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Oct 10 2017 09:47
Legacy of Millbank and 2010?
Does the student agitation of 2010 have a legacy and if so, what is it? Corbyn? ㅠㅠ
Mike Harman
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Oct 10 2017 13:51

The most prominent project coming out of 2010 is Novara Media, and they're doing PR for the Labour Party at this point, doing uncritical interviews with Paul Mason here he argues for stricter immigration controls and the armed forces. This trajectory wasn't immediate after 2011 but it's definitely consolidated in the past couple of years or so. There's others from 2010 who've become mainstream journalists in the meantime, so not just them either.

There are lots of individual people who were radicalised by 2010 who have not gone on that trajectory at all though, so I don't think you can just say 2010 -> Corbyn.