Marxist works on US history (PDFs inside)

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Mar 2 2017 18:59
Marxist works on US history (PDFs inside)

A very useful collection of material, well done to whoever's responsible.


* The First American Revolution
* American Capitalism: 1607-1800
* The Struggle for American Freedom: The First Two Hundred Years
* The Rise of the American Nation: 1789-1824
* Joseph Weydemeyer: Pioneer of American Socialism (bio of the first American Marxist, a Union Army Colonel during the Civil War)
* The American Civil War
* The First International in America
* Morale Education in the American Army: War for Independence, War of 1812, Civil War
* Gene Debs: The Story of a Fighting American (a biography of Eugene Debs)
* The Populist Movement in the United States (covering the period from the 1870s to 1912)
* The Day Is Coming: Life and Work of Charles E. Ruthenberg, 1882-1927 (biography of the founder of the CPUSA)
* The Unfolding Drama: Studies in U.S. History
* History of the USA since World War I (1976)
* The US Two-Party System: past and present (1988)
* The Workingmen's Party of the United States: A History of the First Marxist Party in the Americas
* Labor Parties: 1827-1834
* William H. Sylvis and the National Labor Union
* The Life and Times of Daniel De Leon
* The Jews in American History: 1654-1865
* Recent History of the Labor Movement in the United States (in three volumes: 1918-1939, 1939-1965, and 1965-1980)
* Marxism In United States History Before the Russian Revolution
* American Youth Today (1973)
* Soul of the Republic: The Negro Today (1964)
* British Labor and the American Civil War
* Mary Brown: From Harper's Ferry to California
* Blacks in United States History
* The Life and Death of Martin Luther King
* The CIA and American Labor: The Subversion of the AFL-CIO's Foreign Policy (1967)
* Rebellion in the Unions: A Handbook for Rank and File Action (1971)
* 20th Century American Literature: A Soviet View (1976)
* “One Continual Cry”: David Walker's Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World (1829-1830), Its Setting & Its Meaning
* Tijerina and the Land Grants: Mexican Americans in Struggle for Their Heritage
* Human Rights U.S. Style: From Colonial Times through the New Deal
* Sabotage! The Secret War Against America (1942)
* The Peril of Fascism (1938)
* Outline Political History of the Americas (covers the pre-colonial period up to the late 1940s)
* The Negro People in American History
* Lincoln's Third Party (on the origins of the Republican Party)
* War Elections: 1862-1864
* The Reign of Witches, The Struggle Against the Alien and Sedition Laws
* The Gentleman from Mississippi: Our First Negro Congressman, Hiram R. Revels
* Helen Keller: Her Socialist Years. Writings and Speeches
* U.S. Negroes in Battle: From Little Rock to Watts (A Diary of Events—1957-1965)
* Lincoln, Labor and Slavery
* Thaddeus Stevens
* Social Forces in American History (1911)
* History of Socialism in the United States (1910)
* The Workers in American History (1921)
* History of May Day (1947)
* Charles P. Steinmetz: Scientist and Socialist
* William Dean Howells and the Haymarket Era
* John Swinton: American Radical
* Trade Unionism in North Carolina: The Strike Against Reynolds Tobacco, 1947
* The Palmer Raids
* The History of the Shorter Workday
* High Treason: The Plot Against the People (1950)
* History of the Communist Party of the United States from 1952, which has various chapters on democratic, labor and socialist movements throughout American history.

* Marx and Engels on the United States
* Letters to Americans, 1848-1895: A Selection (letters of Marx and Engels)
* On the United States of America (basically everything Lenin ever wrote about it)
* Lenin's Impact on the United States
* The Bolshevik Revolution: Its Impact on American Radicals, Liberals, and Labor

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Mar 5 2017 06:29

Going to be a lot of reading. Not sure where to begin. Maybe with the names i am not acquainted or familiar with would be a good place.
Cheers for the link

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Wow great stuff, would be good to have any decent things here up in the library/history section as well

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Thanks to Craftwork

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I think they're all larger than the limit.

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thanks craftwork, have bookmarked it.