Operaist sources from Germany

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Jul 4 2017 10:49
Operaist sources from Germany

some freshly-scanned stuff:

- Nine issues of the monthly newspaper “Wir Wollen Alles” (We want everything) which was a joint project of a handful of local autonomist groups between 1973-75, some of the groups involved were leaning towards Lotta Continua, some towards Potere Operaio, among the authors are most likely future Green politicians Joschka Fischer (German foreign minister 1998-2005) and Tom Koenigs (led the NATO administration in Kosovo after 1999): http://mao-projekt.de/BRD/ORG/PL/Wir_wollen_alles.shtml
- Text by the Arbeiterstimme (Workers Voice) group from Cologne about the wildcat strike of migrant workers at the Ford plant at Cologne: http://mao-projekt.de/BRD/NRW/KOE/Koeln_IGM_1973_Arbeiterkampf_Ford_Streikverlauf.shtml