Timeline of anarchism in Britain, 1930-2016

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Timeline of anarchism in Britain, 1930-2016

Hey all, so for those who don't know, Freedom's hopefully going to be printing some new Slow Burning Fuses soon, which I'm sorting out atm. But one thing that did get me thinking was the timeline at the back, which does a useful job up to 1930 but then stops along with the book. One thing I'd like to do is update a bit, so I was wondering about timelines after that point.

Annoyingly the changes on Facebook destroyed the working class history timeline, and theres some bits in the library but nothing simple/comprehensive that stood out, so I was hoping folks on here might be able to help? As an initial haphazard, off-the-top-of-my-head thing:

1936: Anarchist Federation of Britain (AFB) founded
1936-39: Anarchists join the International Brigades in Spain
1936-39: Spain And The World published, later becoming Revolt!

1939-45: Spain and the World becomes War Commentary
1944-5: Bernieri, Richards, Hewetson and Samson arrested for sedition, major free-speech case.
1945: War Commentary formally renamed to Freedom

1950-70s: AFB becomes Syndicalist Workers Federation
1959: Anarcho-pacifist Direct Action Committee pushes CND into backing Aldermaston march

1960: Committee of 100 founded
1960-1992: Solidarity group and journal formed
1961-1970: Anarchy magazine published
Mid-late 1960s: British anarchism sees period of revival
August 1964: Stuart Christie arrested attempting to smuggle explosives into Spain
1967: Anarchist Black Cross Founded
1968: Anarchist Communist Discussion Group founds Anarchist Federation
1968-69: London squatting campaign

1970: Black Flag magazine founded
1970-72: Angry Brigade bombings
1975: Advisory Service for Squatters founded
Late '70s/Early '80s: Anarcho-punk

1979-94: Direct Action Movement
1979-1987: Roads protest movement
1981: London Anarchist Bookfair founded
1983: Class War paper and organisation founded
1983-4: Stop The City demonstrations
1984: Green Anarchist begins publishing, splits in late '90s
1985-1995: Anarchists with DAM heavily involved in street-level anti-fascism
1986: Class War refounded as Class War Federation

1988-1991: Anarchists heavily involved in anti-Poll Tax campaign
1991-2003: Reclaim the Streets founded, following on from road protest movement
1992: Radical Routes forms
1992: Earth Liberation Front founded
1993: Combat 18 firebombing of Freedom Press
1994: Solidarity Federation founded by former DAM members
1994-2014: Schnews published as free weekly newssheet
1995-7: Gandalf raids and trial
1999: Carnival Against Capital
1999: Indymedia founded in November, UK branch from 2000

200: No Borders Network founded
2000-2007: WOMBLES group
2002-2004: Anarchist Youth Network
2002-present: libcom.org founded as enrager, becomes libcom in 2003
Oct 2004: European Social Forum clashes/interventions in London
2006-2010: Camp for Climate Action

2010: Student fees protests
2010: Mark Kennedy revealed as police spy, sparking series of unmaskings
2011: Anti-cuts protest sees first large black bloc in London, following on from student protests
2014: Freedom newspaper ceases monthly publication and moves online, continues irregular freesheet
2016: Pitchford spycops inquiry opens