*an anarchist comrade in osaka was arrested,,,

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Aug 2 2006 19:38
*an anarchist comrade in osaka was arrested,,,

*an anarchist comrade in osaka was arrested,,,
Comrades and Affinities;

saluton from osaka. by the way, this time, we must tell you about
unfortunate suppression in here. on 1 Aug 2006, a homeless liberation
activist of osaka was arrested by gestapos of sonezaki-polizei office.
this comrade shouted & strongly said "do not walk behind me right now!"
then, gestapos ran away.
...for a while, gestapos returned in his sight, and then...he was
suddenly arrested by gestapos as a criminal of threatening.
still now, he is in a cage of sonezaki-polizei office...maybe.
on that time, japanese emperor's son visited to osaka. recently, some
gestapos had harassed him by walking behind him for a long time every days!
please wait further updating & detail of his situation. thanx.(r)

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Aug 3 2006 11:14

Hi rebel-jill.

I notice you and another of your comrades use terms like "gestapo" and "fascist" before. I don't know how it seems there, but from a European setting it appears very strange because the Gestapo was an organisation solely in Nazi Germany, and using words related to "fascism" sound very weird when not in the setting of an actually-fascist country (with a dictator, corporate trade unions, etc.)

Anyway, just a linguistic point you may or may not find useful.

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Joseph Kay
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Aug 3 2006 11:29

Japan had a form of fascism too, maybe its a deliberate use to imply nothing's changed, or leftist hyperboly, or a translation isssue. I'll shut up.

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Aug 3 2006 11:48

I agree with the comments posted. I've asked Jill not to use terms associated with the third reich when he describes what happens here, because it obviously is not relevant, and winds up getting him ignored. Not to mention the fact that Japan is essentially a normal bourgeois democracy (albeit with racial fixations), and the situation here is nothing at all like 1930s Germany. Imagining that it is would turn our opposition to the state of affairs into a strange charade indeed.

To re-interpret what Jill posts here, because it is somewhat important: one of the most active anarchists in Osaka has been arrested this week. He is often followed by the 'kouankan' i.e. the Japanese secret service, and has been followed by helicopters several times at demonstrations. He apparently blew up at them the last time they followed him and they cuffed him. His arrest is obviously convenient for the security services because of the upcoming anarchist protest at Hiroshima.

Please continue to speak bluntly.


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Aug 5 2006 16:34

 確かに誤解を招いてるようですね。UKでは秘密警察=公安警察のことをU$Aの幾らかの人たちのようにゲシュタポということはないのですね。失礼しました。ま、いずれにせよ、今回は報告も遅れていたので、下手な異言語で伝えようとはしましたが… 別の関心を生んでしまったので、失敗でした。以後気をつけます。1945年8月まで存在した日本列島の秘密治安警察=特別高等警察(特高)についてはその内話す機会もあるでしょう。余談ですが、ナチスも絶賛した戸籍制度は日本列島はもちろん、旧日本植民地(朝鮮半島・台湾)でも少し形を変えこそすれ、存在しています。また、人体実験に関しては、中国東北部で日本軍の石井部隊が「防疫」と称してB・C兵器の「開発」=戦慄をもよおす様な実験(協和すると奴らが称していた異民族に対してのもの!)をやっていたという報告があります。北里研究所などの細菌研究機関がこれに参加し、そのデーターなどは石井の独断でU$Aと取引され、石井らは戦犯を免れました。その生き残りがやった犯罪行為(血友病血液製剤でAIDS蔓延=ミドリ十字など)で大阪の薬業界にもメスがはいることになったのです。