Anti G8 football Cup in Japan

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May 10 2008 04:03
Anti G8 football Cup in Japan

I'm not involved in this but if you have questions I can pass it to my friend.

Hey, all the comrades of ararchists, activists and ultras in Europe!!!
Here is the Rage and Football Collective in Japan!
As you know, the 34th G8 Summit is to take place in Toyako(Hokkaido), Japan, from 7th to 9th of July 2008.
So we, ultras and anarchists around Japan, have also decided to unite,
stand up and fight against G8 together with one philosohy, that is,
Love football, Hate G8!!
We are going to organaize football games as one of our protest acitivities at the same when they
organaize the G8.
So we hope you guys to come and join us! Play football together and have a fun!!
or lose? That dosen't matter. That's the logic they use. That's what
they propagandize. Yes, we are going to play football for the sake of
friendship, unity and smile!!
We are going to organaize this event at a camping area in Hokkaido, and maybe somewhere around Tokyo, too.
Some technical details remain still uncertain, but we'll work it out soon.
We have a blog here(,
so check this out, and follow the following information(definite time, place etc.).
Feel free to ask about us and contact us!!!
We wanna see you, here in Japan!!!