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Jul 29 2006 10:00
@nArcHie in hIRoSHiM@ on 6 Aug 2006/★黒い広島(?)2006


saluton from osaka. also this year, a day of praying for the victims of a-bombing in hiroshima(every 6 Aug) will come. many people will visit to hiroshima as prayers on this day: leftists, christians, buddhist people, capitalists, politicians, and even fanatic fascists. they always say "no NUKE! & no more hiroshima!" only. however, is hiroshima only victim city? of course, i quickly reply "NO!!" hiroshima had an important HQ of imperial jap army before Aug 1945. even today, it still acts. on at least 90's, anarchists in japnese islands have quested about it with their small actions. on 8:15 6 Aug 2006(JST), a part of anarchists living in jap islands(tokio, osaka...) will hold a small action at genbaku-doomu-mae=in front of ruin of a-bombing, heiwa kouen=peace park, hiroshima-city.
details will come soon, maybe. if you will visit to hiroshima on 6 Aug 2006, join us. thanx. in solidarity.(rebel_JILL/ a working poor)

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Aug 5 2007 19:20

anarchist action in hiroshima 2007!
Comrades & Affinities,

Saluton from hiroshima, japnese islands.
by the way, also 8:15 on 6 aug of this year, anarchist
comrades living in
japnese islands will do an action against the
"heiwa-kinen-shikiten" &
"fascist prime minister abe" at the foot of
motoyasu-bashi(motoyasu-bridge, very
near to the heiwa-kouen and genbaku-doom!) as an
anti-government & anti-nuke protest. on
every 6 August at hiroshima, anarchist individuals/groups
have done against
faked "peace" for at least 18 years: "hiroshima has some
important military bases/local headquater
of japanese military, and also U$ marine corp!",
"hiroshima is not
if you will come to hiroshima on 8:15 of 6 aug 2007, if
you will be able
to take part in our action at motoyasu-bashi, join us!
after 8:15, we will
go/pray to Korean grave of a-bombing victims, then, will
start a demo with
black flags/black&red flags! also this year, fascists
scums(uyoku) will try
to prevent our demo at starting point.
following is our schedule of this 6 aug in hiroshima city:
*6 Aug
about 7:45...starting our action against fuckin'
about 8:30...going/praying to korean grave of a-bombing
...then, we will try to start an
anti-nuke/anti-government demo with black
flags at the central of hiroshima city.
after demo, on afternoon, we will hold a tiny anarchist
gathering(8.6hiroshima-syuukai) at a place of the central
of hiroshima, maybe.(a part of RRU
members, la federacio anarkiista japanio,
rebel_factory...will be
participated.) militant anarchists living in japnese
islands are NOT DEAD YET!
thanx. in solidarity with black flags and

black star

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May 23 2008 04:55


saluton from an eastern suburb of osaka. by the way, also on this year, "anti-state, anti-nuke, Hiroshima demo & gathering 2008" will be hold by "the executive committee for gathering on 6 Aug in hiroshima(8.6 hiroshima-shuukai jikkou-iinnkai)". if you will be interested in this demo & gathering, join us.