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Jan 2 2009 00:45
New Japanese Left Communist Publication

Hi folks,

'Bunseki to Kouryuu' (Analysis and Exchange), a left communist publication has put out its first issue this December. The first issue features mostly translations of ICC articles, with one article on the NOVA teacher strike (language is Japanese btw). It's just a small group making the magazine, with whom I'm helping with translations.

Issue 1 contents:

- 'One Class, One Struggle'
- 'Theses on the spring 2006 students' movement in France'
- 'Workers Struggle during the Nova Bankruptcy'
- 'The Communist Left and the Continuity of Marxism' (first half)

There will be less translations and more original content in the next issue. Correspondence should be directed to

If you speak Japanese, have a comrade that does or would otherwise like a copy, please let me know and I can send you some.

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Jan 2 2009 09:51

It sounds positive. How often are they planning on issuing it, Sphinx?

There is also a magazine in Turkey, which supports ICC positions, International Outlook. The first issue is 96 pages with a glossy cover. It can be ordered from the contact form on the website, here.

Alternately, it can be obtained from the EKS, or by pming myself on this site.


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Jan 6 2009 05:26

I suppose yearly at the moment. There are not a lot of people helping out so...

International Outlook is written in Turkish no? Wouldn't be of much use to people here unfortunately.

Greetings from Osaka.

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Feb 19 2009 17:30

Congratulations comrades, apologies for the late post. With the great developments in Philippines and our own small steps we feel we are in good company. We look forward to viewing any website etc. Perhaps in the near future our millieu in Asia can meet.

From Left Communists in China

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Mar 10 2009 20:32

Back in the 1970s there was a Japanese anarchist magazine called Radical that lasted at least 4 issues. It was entirely in English and distributed in the West by Freedom Books in London.

My best wishes for the success of Bunseki to Kouryuu.