Tabi Rounin (Rebel Jill) arrested in pre-emptive G8 enforcement

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Jun 7 2008 20:09
Tabi Rounin (Rebel Jill) arrested in pre-emptive G8 enforcement

Quick translation from a group put together to do prison aid for him.

Forwarding welcomed!

We denounce the arrest of our comrade, Tabi Rounin! Release him

On the morning of June 4th, 2008, comrade Tabi Rounin, a squatter
liberation activist, was arrested on the charge of "Illegal
Address Registration" (in other words, living somewhere he is not
registered to live at). His house was searched and more than 14
items were taken including his computer, his phone, resume and
flyers. Clearly searching someone's house simply because their
address is still registered at their parents' house goes beyond
simple police work.

This is pre-emptive repression with one eye towards the economic
summit being held on June 14th and 15th. He is currently being
held in Koriyama police station in Nara prefecture and in 5 days
will be put in front of the judge. There are hundreds of people
every year who have their IDs registered to their family's
residence. To be arrested on 'Illegal Address Registration' is
unheard of beyond political repression.

Tabi Rounin had stopped his activity within Osaka city, where the
high class apartment buildings of the rich stretch on for miles,
and had been active around the working class cities and suburbs
around Osaka and Kawachi, connecting to squatters with no organized
political presence or assistance, connecting to foreigners working
for low wages in factories around his area. He is a working class
revolutionary from the roots who fought an isolated battle. There
are many anarchists overseas who have found sympathy with his
selfless style of activity.
We fiercely protest this repression against the movement that we
have helped build! Police, release Tabi Rounin immediately!

June 6th, Anarchist Black Cross Osaka

We are requesting contributions for Tabi Rounin's early parole.
Please send contributions to the address below.
We also would appreciate support packages.

Osaka city, Kita-ku Nakazakichou 3-3-1-401
Jiyuu Roudousha Rengou Kizuke
Anarchist Black Cross

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Jun 8 2008 01:14

this is crazy. best of luck rebel_jill - this has been sent on to ABCs in UK...

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Jun 8 2008 12:23

Thanks ftony, I appreciate it.

I'll post more information on Tabi's situation as soon as I have it.

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Jun 19 2008 02:16

Update from the ABC here:

We Denounce the Arrest of Squatter Activist and Comrade Tabi Rounin!

On the morning of June 5th, the squatter liberation activist Tabi Rounin was arrested via warrant claiming that he was a member of the “Black Helmets, a violent ultra-left group” and charged with “falsifying address registration” (the ‘crime’ of registering his driver’s license at his parent’s house), which led to his residence being searched three times and 21 items being taken by the police including his PC, cell phone, work resume, texts related to social movements and flyers. Tabi was taken to Nara prefecture’s Koriyama police station and slapped with a 10 day extension of custody the next day. Special detectives in Nara prefecture assigned to the ‘ultra-left’ and Osaka city public order police came to investigate.

We only feel contempt for the idiocy and greed for budget money which motivates the public order police in their incessant tailing and eavesdropping over the past six months.
Their focus was absolutely on the movement against the G8 summit, foreign guests, Tabi Rounin’s relationship with social and solidarity movements, and of course the naked aim of economically bankrupting Tabi Rounin, who had a job interview the next day. The material seized in the search of his apartment verifies all this.

Thanks to all those who supported Tabi, we were able to win his freedom on June 13th.. Allow us to thank you for your efforts and support.

However the twists and turns continue here.
Hearing the story of a worker who was brutally beaten in the investigation room of the Nishinari police department in Kamagasaki, hundreds of day laborers and squatting/homeless workers gathered for several days in response to the call of the Kamagasaki labor union in front of the Nishinari police station and begun an autonomous, physical struggle with many arrests in the late nights after the labor unions leave.
One of our number who went to visit an arrestee in jail was stopped by police and questioned, leading to our Free Worker offices here in Osaka to be watched by public order police. We are preparing for second and third waves of repression against our members.

Please keep a focus on the events here as they transpire.

June 17th, 2008
Anarchist Black Cross
Osaka-shi Kita-ku Nakazakicho 3-3-1-401
Jiyuu Roudousha Rengou Tsuke
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