Edinburgh Bin Workers' Dispute

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Martin O Neill
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Oct 10 2009 15:57
Edinburgh Bin Workers' Dispute

News of the Edinburgh Bin Workers Dispute can be found on the front page of Indymedia Scotland:

The group of IWW and ECAP members involved in the solidarity blockades for the Edinburgh council cleansing & bin workers in their pay dispute have made their newssheet 'The Edinburgh Muckraker' available online. It's a 2MB PDF on 4 sides of A4, downloadable from the following links:
Short link for emails: http://bit.ly/5UFtV
More robust long link: http://drop.io/hidden/jo1je67zeckzq6/asset/bXVja3Jha2VyMDEtcHVibGljLXBkZg==
(Thanks to CH)

Leafletting of a depot on Wednesday 7th of October resulted in workers stopping their lorries to pick up bundles of Muckrakers to distribute.