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Jul 26 2010 18:09
Community organising

Right, I've got a bit of a dilemma, where I live we have our SolFed local, SELCAP (South East London Coalition Against Poverty - which I think is part of LCAP) and Community Action Lewisham.

I'm not too keen on Community Action Lewisham as it's pretty activisty, so at the moment I'm not sure about whether or not to put all my efforts into trying to get our SolFed local doing the kind of community organising I want to see, or if it would make more sense getting involved in SELCAP which already has a couple of SolFed comrades involved and seems pretty sound.

What do people think?
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Jul 26 2010 21:29

Speaking as a former LCAP member and still a supporter, I think you should work with your Solfed local in supporting SELCAP become a decent group.

I think CAL are alright actually, but SELCAP can work with them on a case by case basis I would have thought.

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Jul 26 2010 21:38

What scope does SELCAP have in terms of its activities? And can the Solfed local work within that?
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Jul 27 2010 05:37
Tommy Ascaso wrote:
I wasn't really intending this thread to be about CAL, but why do you think they're alright? Have you been involved and have I met you?

I think they mean well, and they're heading in the right direction, they attended the national community action gathering in Nottingham recently and there are some decent people involved - they may be activisty but they are also capable of moving away from that imo, they are part of the Radical London Network along with HSG and Walthamstow Anarchist Group.

Having said that, I think concentrating on SELCAP or Solfed would make more sense.

No I've not been involved in CAL, and yes you have met me.