Paris hotel struggles and syndicalists?

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Nov 24 2018 19:48
Paris hotel struggles and syndicalists?
Notes From Below have had a few articles recently about strikes by Paris hotel workers ( ), which just talk about them organising through the CGT. I'm not an expert, but I vaguely remember last year there was a joint visit to London by striking French hotel workers who were organising through both the CGT and (one of) the French CNT(s), see or, if you don't mind Morning Star links too much, they did a slightly more indepth report: Anyway, does anyone have any more info about what, if anything, the CNT-SO, or any other more self-organised/autonomous/syndicalist-type groups are up to in this sector? Also, any views on the system of staff and union delegates mentioned in the "striking the palaces" article - I'm guessing anarcho-syndicalists would oppose both?