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Apr 11 2017 00:15
Gabriel Kuhn

Gabriel Kuhn interview
A provocative interview. No need to agree with every argument presented but it does raise debating points that should be discussed widely

His concluding paragraph may seem a bit wishful but in essence it is the problem we are facing.


"I am convinced that the left needs organizational structures. We need solid frames for networking, collaborating, discussing and coordinating. At the same time, there must be respect for diversity and the autonomy of local groups and caucuses. Whether we need a "party of a different kind" or different names for our organizations seems mainly of academic concern. The wording isn't all that important. Important is the establishment of organizations that can strengthen socialist politics. This is one of the biggest challenges the left is facing. I believe that in order for these organizations to be effective, they ought to engage various left-wing currents. These, however, must meet on a level playing field without dominant groups absorbing the rest."

As i have said before, strengthening our Thin Red Line would be our own very small contribution to a future working class socialist movement, but again if wishes were horses, every beggar would ride