Anarchist music?

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Feb 27 2019 14:10
Mike Harman #206 Comparing The Beatles and Nina Simone’s take on ‘Revolution’ reminded me of a discussion some time ago regarding Bob Dylan’s ‘Only a pawn in their game’ (1963) and Donovan’s ‘Universal Soldier’ (1965). Both songs deal with violence and its causes. Dylan locates the murder of Medgar Evers in the social and political structure of society, particularly the racist manipulation of poor whites by the ruling class and their lackeys. Donavan conversely suggests an unchanging human cycle of fighting for peace based on individual choice. Whimsical bollocks IMO. Dylan: Donavan:
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Noah Fence
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Feb 27 2019 17:51
Whimsical bollocks
What a great name for Donavan’s ‘best of’ album, though I must say the word ‘best’ seems somewhat incongruous!
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Noah Fence
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Feb 28 2019 05:22
R Totale wrote Quote:
in the middle of a reminiscing session one of them came out with "remember that compilation Crass put out? Got to give them credit, they certainly managed to detect a lot of bullshit for that one."
Haha, I missed that. Funny and true. I believe it was worth it’s release though just for the name of one of the tracks, ‘High on a hill with Pink Floyd tattooed on my arm man’ by Rudimentary Peni
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Mar 21 2019 03:48
Noah Fence wrote:
Revolution Action!
Cheers Noah, never heard these guys before but I've been listening to their 60 Second Wipeout non-stop