Malatesta Club photo gallery

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Jan 9 2014 13:46


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Jan 9 2014 13:55
Can anyone identify anyone else in the picture? I think that's Donald Rooum between Leah and Rita.
Jan 15 2014 16:43
BTW, have added the photograph of Irene Brown to this gallery. Battlescarred, if you want to add any more photos please just click the edit tab and scroll down to upload additional images.
Rob Ray
Aug 4 2019 22:19

Huw Warburg at the front maybe? And most likely the black man on the right was Manny Obahiagbon, who was the one who had the idea of hiring the Malatesta Club and was generally involved in the 1950s according to Donald Rooum (Freedom 7111, page 11).