Mr Block comic

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Mar 11 2014 16:15


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May 10 2014 22:25
Here's an archive of the images no password.
Mar 11 2014 17:23
Great stuff, thanks, I have been meaning to scan my Mr Block images for ages but haven't had time. Are they the same images in the archive as on here?
Mar 12 2014 18:03
I got them from the IWW site here
Mar 14 2014 17:33
Wow, these are great! With the obvious exception of the dollar amounts they've aged surprisingly well for being a hundred years old. The one about the courts is especially poignant given how long it takes the NRLB to turn around.
May 6 2014 20:59
Good news I've found a few more including more stuff by the original artist Ernest Riebe, though I'm not entirely sure what order they go in though Mr Block didn't really have much of an on going storyline. I'll add them in the middle before the extra images. Also there may be a few more strips in Wobblies a graphic history
May 27 2016 19:51
Sadly there are no extra strips in Wobblies a graphic history, Mr Block only has one strip from the Dakota harvests in it.