Student protests against cuts and fees photo gallery, November 24 2010

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Mike Harman
Nov 24 2010 13:01


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Nov 24 2010 16:12

Couple of good signs from here .

Mike Harman
Nov 24 2010 17:26

Automatic search/tagging services are quicker than one man on libcom:

Nov 25 2010 11:13

Bump. New pics added..

If anyone else has any pics from the day then please add them.. it'd be great to have a proper spread of pictures from yesterday (at the moment it's very London and Brighton heavy, with Bristol and a few northern ones)..

Nov 25 2010 11:17

I don't see any edit option?

Nov 25 2010 11:20

Hmm, strange.. I'll ask one of the other admins..

Mike Harman
Nov 25 2010 14:00

Should be fixed now.

Nov 25 2010 15:26

Yep, cheers.

Mike Harman
Nov 25 2010 15:33

Oh nice, I actually looked a the gallery again after doing this - that's a lot more photos!