Garcia, Miguel's story

Garcia was born on 3/2/1908 in Barcelona and died 4/12/1981 in London. Thanks to Stuart Christie for this information. Digitised by, December 2012
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Dec 8 2012 16:37


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Dec 8 2012 16:41
BTW, this is a great pamphlet. Possibly even better for the fact that on the front cover he looks quite a lot like Ronnie Barker!
Dec 8 2012 16:50
Watch Porridge and pretend it's a portrayal of Garcia's time in the nick! haha
fingers malone
Dec 8 2012 19:40
Dec 8 2012 20:04
I was standing in a take-away stone cold sober and holding that pamphlet after last orders on some weekend night in the early '90's and a drunk bloke much older than me caught sight of the name and struggled to pronounce it. I thought I was in for a hard time but his mate piped up with the correct pronunciation and then went on to explain who he was, what he done and what a great pamphlet it was. I wasn't part of the conversation, just some gimp clutching a book waiting for a curry. I've no idea who that person was and I've never knowingly seen him since.. if I had the balls, I would have told him not to spoil the ending.
Dec 9 2012 10:39
I knew Miguel well, and he didn't in the least look like Ronnie Barker, he was far thinner for a start. As to him looking like Barker on the cover, that's a bit of a stretch of the imagination.