Sydney's burning: an Australian political conspiracy - Ian Turner

First written in 1967, this is the revised 1969 edition with lots more information. We recommend you buy this book. You can get the original 1967 version here:

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May 22 2014 19:47


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Kate Sharpley
May 23 2014 09:33

Your Amazon link is to the first edition (1967). The second edition (1969) is the one to get. "Soon after it was first published in a 'hard-cover' edition a large amount of hitherto unknown or inaccessible material became available to the author and he has made full use of it"

May 23 2014 22:23

Is there a link to this please (or am I missing something obvious)?

May 24 2014 00:16

Yeah there doesn't seem to be a link or and attached PDF on this page, and weirdly the older revisions of this page don't have them either??

May 24 2014 11:13

Apologies. It's there now