The 1917 Camp Logan mutiny, Houston Texas

Court martial

Black soldiers stationed to guard the construction of Camp Logan in Texas mutinied over racist treatment from local law enforcement and civilians.

Against non-life

Today the desire to cast off our current way of life is taken as common sense. Whether it’s the life of others we desire to take on or a completely different way of life; striking a commodified humanity is the passive acceptance of the existent which clashes with generalized dissatisfaction.

IWW statements on language school organising in Dublin

Workers in Dublin's English language schools have been getting organised!

Interview with Victor Serge (1947)

A short interview with Victor Serge conducted in Mexico in 1947, shortly before his death, in which Serge expresses his views on the future of Europe.

The advance skirmishes of the German Revolution (1917-1918) and Richard Müller – Charles-André Udry

A brief introduction to Richard Müller, the leader of the revolutionary shop stewards (Revolutionäre Obleute) among the German metal workers during World War One, and his role in the mass strikes in the German munitions industry in 1917 and 1918, with excerpts from his book, Eine Geschichte der Novemberrevolution (A History of the November Revolution) (1924), and an official police intelligence report on the strike wave of January-February 1917 taken from the archives of the Berlin police department.

Barbara Ehrenreich on the New Right rhetoric of producers vs. nonproducers

Reagan 1980

An excerpt from Barbara Ehrenreich's 1989 book Fear of Falling: The Inner Life of the Middle Class in which she looks at the New Right developing the rhetoric of cross-class alliance between the ruling class and blue collar workers, against the then expanding, largely liberal, Professional Managerial Class and the poor.

Collection of the translated writings of Amadeo Bordiga

This is a collection of, to my knowledge, all the translated writings of Amadeo Bordiga. Spanning from 1912 to 1965, this collection features every topic from the nature of the USSR, the role of the communist party, and the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Patterns of anarchy: a collection of writings on the anarchist tradition

It is the aim of this book to clarify and analyze the various traditions that together make up the corpus of anarchist thought and inform anarchists' recommendations for the renovation of society.

Ideas for Building the Foundation for a 21st Century Revolutionary IWW in North America

Two Septembers ago I was asked by a long time friend in the movement about what I saw the IWW’s responsibility to be as the largest left organization in North America. And while I don’t know if that is actually the case, it did push me to think about what we need to do as an organization to improve our structure and to do so with real urgency. Below is a series of internal changes necessary to do just that.

Berenguer, Sara (1919-2010)

Sara Berenguer

A short biography of Sara Berenguer, Spanish anarchist