Anton Pannekoek and socialism of workers' self-emancipation (1873-1960) - John Gerber


Jul 12 2015 16:32
Table of contents looks interesting. Anyone read this?
paul r
Jul 20 2015 13:00
Yes, I've read it, and IMO it's a very good scholarly study of Pannekoek. A very interesting and independent thinker. (I found especially valuable the author's account of the influence of Dietzgen on Pannekoek's Marxism.)
May 17 2016 10:32
I added the published book version of this thesis, it's much more readable and condensed (270 pages instead of 720).
May 17 2016 11:43
Whereabouts is the condensed version, bakuninja? The attachments seem to be the 720 page thesis.
May 17 2016 21:03
Waiting for an admin to approve the changes
Jun 7 2016 14:23
Nice. Thanks for the upload.
Jun 11 2016 20:46
Nice smile Didn't have the book version myself! smile
R Totale
May 31 2019 17:59

Wow, the featured quote for this one is really inspiring. tongue