Black Flag 235 (2012)

  • Cover story: Workfare in the post – and the union bosses enabling it
  • Reportage: Far right is back on the streets as the BNP and EDL take a tumble
  • Theory: The reality of inequality
  • Analysis: Our economy roundup
  • Breathing Utopia: Talking about how the NHS won’t benefit from privatisation, but revolution...
  • Analysis: Mike Deeson explains why the AF won’t campaign for Scottish independence
  • Theory: How the ruling class see the trade unionism question
  • History: The Pentonville Five
  • History: The story of the Asturias
  • History: Giving an overview of anarchism, post-1945
  • Radical Reprint: Peter Kropotkin on the use of the strike
  • Syndicalism: McKay on Darlington
  • Berkman: Petard on Russia’s political prisons
  • Cancer: Woodward on the history of a disease
  • Hob’s Choice: Shorts on radical pamphlets
  • Joe Jacobs: Willis on the activist’s days after Cable Street
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