Black Flag 236 (2014)

  • Cover story: The necessity of Afem
  • Reportage: Activism and the law in 2014-15
  • Analysis: The rise of Ukip
  • Analysis: Scotland after the No
  • Theory: Clicktivism’s damaging legacy
  • In focus: Osborne, the collapse of Plan A and austerity that doesn’t cut spending
  • Breathing Utopia: A secondary school teacher ponders teaching after the revolution
  • Analysis: Looking at the history of Iranian politics and revolt
  • The IWMA: Looking back at the key moments and debates of the First International
  • Bakunin: The giant’s 200th birthday
  • Radical Reprint: Bakunin writes to to Albert Richard
  • Review: Malatesta reader
  • Review: Kroptkin reader
  • Review: Disobedient Objects exhibition
  • Review: Proudhon Reader
  • Document: The international anarchist manifesto against World War One
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