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The story of our origins - Gilles Dauvé Library 9
Nationalism and culture - Rudolf Rocker Library 9
Workers' councils - Anton Pannekoek Library 8
Anton Pannekoek and the theory of the transition - Radical Chains History 8
The origins of capitalist development: a critique of neo-Smithian Marxism - Robert Brenner Library 8
Bourgeois influences on anarchism - Luigi Fabbri Library 8
States of emergency: cultures of revolt in Italy from 1968 to 1978 - Robert Lumley History 8
Paul Mattick, Jr., "The Economic Crisis in Fact and Fiction" Library 8
Murdering the dead: Amadeo Bordiga on capitalism and other disasters - Antagonism Library 8
Change the world without taking power - John Holloway Library 8
Collectivizations: The constructive achievements of the Spanish Revolution. Essays, documents and reports - Augustin Souchy and Paul Folgare History 8
Bolshevism and Stalinism - Paul Mattick History 8
A disgrace before God: Striking black sanitation workers vs. black officialdom in 1977 Atlanta History 8
How socialism can organise production without money - Adam Buick and Pieter Lawrence Library 8
A people's history of the United States - Howard Zinn History 8
Unions and political struggle - Mouvement Communiste Library 8
Identity, politics, and anti-politics: a critical perspective Library 8
Invaders from Marx: on the uses of Marxian theory, and the difficulties of a contemporary reading - Michael Heinrich Library 8
Anarchism: reading guide Library 8
On The Frontline Redux: The Problem With Unions Library 8