Capitalism and class struggle in the USSR - Neil C. Fernandez

The critical considerations of the various "Marxist" theories of Soviet capitalism are looked at in this book. The theory of Soviet capitalism constitues an important contribution to the overall Marxist critique of exchange-value and money; and it will assist the classist critique with the identification of important targets on which to concentrate the fire of critique in relation to the development of capitalism at a global level. The various "Marxist" theories are considered in what they say about the working class and its struggle. Special attention is paid to the strengths and weaknesses of Marxist works by Castoriadis, Dunayevskaya and James, Ticktin and Chattopadyay. In the final chapter, Marx's concepts of the reproduction of labour-power and the relationship between small-scale circulation and capital accumulation, which Negri has shown to be of such importance, are taken up with particular gusto in context of the USSR. The categories of relative and absolute surplus value are considered in a Soviet context in specific relation to the distinction between productivity growth and labour intensification, and in relation to class antagonism.
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Sep 7 2012 17:31
Looks really interesting, thanks! Has anyone read this? What do you think?
Red Marriott
Sep 7 2012 18:38
Sep 7 2012 19:05
Yeah, I've read that first chapter before. I've basically just got the book, so I didn't had chance to read it, but I know that a lot of people are interested in reading it, so I've decided to put it here.
May 1 2014 22:08
Great BOOK!
Jun 29 2014 13:03
Great book. i cant find another works of this author ? maybe someone has something?
Oct 23 2017 12:14
Despite a long past political association/collaboration with the author of this book in his youth (represented in the era of cheap duplicated texts as here: and here: , I only came accross a copy of the book quite recently. It's not always an easy read but well worth pursueing in it's critical, almost forensic examination of a whole range of former and current radical theoreticians of Soviet capitalism (including in addition to those mentioned in the introduction above, Left and Council communism, the SPGB, Buick and Crump, Cliff, Kuron and Modzelewski, Bettleheim, Wildt and others) and including interesting asides in the extensive footnotes. It concludes with an autonomist marxist influenced effective counterbalance to those theories that have explained the downfall of the Soviet Union as pimarily due to external influences with a strong case for the role of working class struggle. It is perhaps also useful in reminding us that capitalism despite common global trends can still express itself in many varied and disguised forms. Highly recomended if you can get hold of a second-hand or library edition. I will see if I can trace any other reviews of this book perhaps by those commented on in it either favourably or otherwise. I believe the author is still around so maybe they will pick up on this in terms of developments since 1997.
Feb 9 2015 01:10
Feb 13 2015 16:26
Silly me, bought the book not realising it was all here in the attachment - are there any other reviews around apart from that in the Socialist Standard?
Henry Laws
Apr 26 2018 10:51
A higher quality PDF of the book has been uploaded.