Carry on recruiting! Why the Socialist Workers Party dumped the 'downturn' in a 'dash for growth'

Originally written in 1993, we believe its central premise to be equally valid today, especially given the current political climate in which the SWP is again calling on the TUC to demand a general strike.

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Jan 17 2011 17:59


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Jan 17 2011 18:01

The only problem with this is that the PDF needs to be rotated before reading. My software won't let me save the changes after rotating, so someone else could rotate the PDF and upload it that would be really great

Jan 19 2011 10:58

Was this published by the same people who produced the Trotwatch 1992 Election Special?

All I can really remember about my copy is that it was A4 in size, had a pinkish cover and a picture of the late, great Brian Glover as Gerry Healy.