Debt: the first 5000 years - David Graeber

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Nov 21 2012 16:21


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Jul 21 2013 17:20
There was some useful discussion of this book on Joseph Kay's blog 'Thoughts on David Graeber's Debt.....' worth checking out.
Jul 21 2013 18:06
Oh I never noticed when was posted, thanks so much for this upload smile
Apr 1 2015 12:18
In addition to the Aufheben and German 'Wildcat' critical reviews this is also worth a mention: These and other critical reviews of Graeber's approach in this book will help us understand to some extent the support which Graeber in particular has given to the misplaced claims of some anarchists that the PKK inspired movement in Rojava is some kind of anti-capitalist revolution. Specifically on Graeber's likening of the 'Spanish Revolution' to the claimed 'Rojava Revolution' this rejection of his views is also relevant:'s-war-is-not-class-war