E14: The Vietnam war with Noam Chomsky

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– This is a short history of Vietnam from 1945-57 by Howard Zinn: libcom.org/history/articles/vietnam-1945-57
– And this is Zinn’s short account of US involvement in the war: libcom.org/history/articles/vietnam-war
– The Vietnam War documentary series by Ken Burns can be viewed here: amzn.to/2Ekx6Iv

– Thanks to Vivian Rothstein for providing the recording of Mrs Van’s testimony.
– The music in this episode was also from the recording by Vivian Rothstein taken of Mrs Van and the Vietnamese Women’s Union from 1967.
– This episode was edited by Emma Courtland (www.emmacourtland.com/) and Stephanie Hydal (stephaniehydal.com/portfolio)

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