E16: Women in the early IWW

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Episode 6 of our podcast gives an introduction to the IWW in the US so we recommend listening to that before this unless you are well acquainted with IWW history and terminology already.

– Everett massacre: here is an extensive collection about these events: content.lib.washington.edu/pnwlaborweb/index.html
– Mother Jones: this is her autobiography – libcom.org/library/autobiography-mother-jones
– Lucy Parsons: this is a short biography – libcom.org/history/articles/1853-lucy-parsons
– Emma Goldman: this is a short biography – libcom.org/history/articles/1869-1940-emma-goldman
– Spokane free speech fight: this is a short history – libcom.org/history/1908-10-spo…e-free-speech-fight
– Lawrence textile strike: this is a short history – libcom.org/history/articles/la…textile-strike-1912
– Paterson: this article about Italian anarchists in Paterson covers the IWW and the silk strike: libcom.org/history/patersons-i…e-salvatore-salerno
– This is a photo gallery of women in the IWW: reuther.wayne.edu/image/tid/1941
– Immigrant girl, radical woman: a memoir from the early 20th century by Matilda Rabinowitz is a great, illustrated account of one leading IWW woman organiser. You can get it here: amzn.to/2JJOKo6

– Thanks to the Salt Lake Tribune for permission to use the recording of Rebel Girl, performed by Alyeah Hansen in 2015. Check out the full video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_tz3wPgLUw
And take a look at their excellent Legacy of Joe Hill homepage: local.sltrib.com/charts/joehill/landingpage.html
– Edited by Daniel Waldorf

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