Fighting Talk 6 (1993)

  • BNP Beaten In Burnley
  • The Unity Article (ARA, YNL and ANL)
  • Gone To The Dogs? (BNP election win on the Isle of Dogs)
  • Police Protect The... (ANL and the police on Brick Lane)
  • Interview with German militant anti-fascists
  • The BNP/Rangers connection
  • Kent: One Safe Nazi, One Dead Sikh
  • Southampton: On Morse's Case (
  • Bath: Getting Ready To Clean Up
  • Fascism And The Unions
  • A View From Valhalla (overview of fascist publications)
  • Ian Stuart Donaldson death notice
  • The Blueshirts (Ireland's Fascists)
  • Film Review: Romper Stomper
  • Letters
  • Stickers/Merchandise/Contacts
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