Finally got the news


Dec 9 2013 03:43
The sloganing on the DRUM pickets is some of the best i've ever heard
Jun 1 2016 08:30
Sorry, we couldn’t find that page ...
jef costello
Jun 1 2016 17:02
Jan 28 2021 05:35
jef costello wrote:
I think that this is it

I'm afraid uploads keep getting taken down, including my one. The company behind it is a dvd seller, I'm 99% sure they don't own the rights to most or any of the documentaries they're selling but they have a legal department so I didn't risk it. You can buy a copy from them for as little as $600 or as high as several thousand. Yes that's just for a dvd disc for private viewing not rights.

Fortunately because its so popular it does pop back up on the video streaming sites, I recommend giving it a search once in awhile if you haven't seen it yet, and maybe downloading it before goes down.

Jan 28 2021 05:36

double post error.